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Flow Immersive develops sharable user-generated
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MORE INFORMATION: I would like to take this moment to remind my many viewers that I not only make math videos, but I am also a professional math tutor with over 33 years tutoring experience. I can tutor math in English or Spanish since I am fluent in both languages. I am proficient in using most calculator brands and models (TI, Casio, Sharp, and HP) and can show you how to use yours and/or make recommendations on what calculator to buy. I can tutor students from 7th grade through college.
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Ms Beautyphile and I go looking for the tiny creatures that live in our skin. You might have heard of them. They're called Demodex Mites and we're going to find them! And you can do it to. Join us for the Face Mite Challenge! 👋🏾 Hi I'm Mike aka Coma Niddy and I make videos that make you think. Subscribe to my channel and watch all of my science raps! Check out Ms Beautyphile's Channel Subscribe here: Science Raps here: http://goo.
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20 million people face famine conditions in South Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, and Nigeria. The U.S. Administration has proposed a 21% cut in food assistance this year. Programs like food assistance represent less than 1% of the federal budget. That's 1 cent on every dollar. Urge your Congressman and the Administration that foreign aid is #WorthThePenny. Visit to learn more
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There's a March for Science happening all over the world: This is a video about how science is both inherently political and apolitical. And how hopefully we won't end up in nuclear war... REFERENCES: Language acquisition and age of arrival: National Academies of Sciences report on GMOs: http://nas-sites.
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It's another beautiful morning at Emily's house and she's off to do some shopping -- but what's this?? The MAILMAN is asleep on her front doorstep!! Ok that's weird. Should Emily wake him? "Absolutely not!" says her mom. Everyone knows waking a mailman is Seven Years' Bad Luck! Better to just step lightly over the snoring postman and let him wake up on his own. But he doesn't.
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